Our Tenets & Service Delivery Promise

  • We always execute trades in the best interests of our clients, in a price-sensitive and confidential manner.
  • We seek to provide the most effective and efficient bespoke service to meet the individual needs of our diverse clientele
  • Our prime goal is to ensure our clients can achieve strong performance from their investments, drawing on our proven market experience
  • Our highly experienced and professional sales and trading teams complement our analytical and top-rate research division. Collectively, these teams provide regular, innovative service, focused on individual client needs and objectives.
  • We also provide a full-agency broking service to Fund Managers at insurance companies, pension funds, investment trusts and unit trusts, we aim to help our clients achieve their performance goals.
  • Our belief is that an efficient and competitive transaction capability is at the heart of our stockbroking operation; hence we are committed to executing business on the most competitive terms, relying on our strong trading relationships with leading stockbrokers.
  • We achieve this feat owing to our energetic, experienced and client-focused dealing team.